Promised Lands, Crusaders and Fundamentalists

I’ve been so troubled by what’s happening in Gaza but I couldn’t find anything to say. It all seems so futile, as if there is no use protesting, as if all has already been said and nothing could be added. But I know it’s wrong to remain silent before such things, as it’s wrong to ignore the hypocrisy of those who not only condone it, but even sponsor it.

The people of Israel have lived on credit, on the goodwill they gained through persecution, especially the holocaust. That credit, however, is now gone and it can no longer buy them unconditional support. The US, however, is so deeply engaged into the Israel project, that it lacks the freedom to act independently. London, for reasons far too complex to explain here, also shares this fate.

Without American support Israel would not survive, not in its present state. The problem is that the US has also lived on credit, on a goodwill accumulated long ago, when it played the role of the liberator. That time is long gone and that credit is also finished. The strong images and roles which emerged from WWII, grow weaker by the day and, even if kept alive, they fit no more.

It appears the world is no longer willing to turn a blind eye, especially when faced with such atrocities. The carefully constructed facade has crumbled and the hypocrisy of these modern crusaders is all too plain to ignore. By comparison, nations such as Russia, China, India and Brazil, stand on better moral ground. Sure, you wouldn’t say so if you only listen to “western” media, but thankfully there are more global services than there used to be. Facts also speak for themselves and we don’t see the afore mentioned countries bombing, subverting, overthrowing governments and feeding their economies through military might, at least not to the degree that the US and its young protégées are doing.

Fundamentalism is what drives these two, so no wonder it’s the same that they are also fighting against. Their idea of being a “chosen” people, a “superpower” that was made great by god, along with a mega-dose of Old Testament tribalism, is still in their cultural DNA. This is what set them on a Zionist crusade, what causes them to disregard the rights of others and look down on them as second rate humans, be they Muslims, Orthodox Christians, Chinese atheists, or anyone who’s not “them”.

By virtue of a “better birth”, they believe to deserve the best and it matters not how they get it. Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Libyans, Russians and whoever else dies while they get or keep what they “deserve”, are but inevitable consequences. Preserving their “way of life” and making their “dream” come true is worth any price, so there is no need to feign concern for those who must be sacrificed. Sympathy and compassion must be used sparingly and can only be directed to that which serves their purpose and protects their interests. Just watch CNN and you will see, not to speak of BBC.

After all, wasn’t North America the promised land for a people escaping persecution and seeking a better world? And wasn’t Palestine the promised land of another persecuted people? Does it matter what it cost to get the land, the ethnic cleansing that occurred, if god ordained it to be so? But which God could be so partial, to love the rich and hate the poor, to bless the mighty and curse the weak, to love a few and hate the rest? Is this the god that Moses and Jesus spoke for? I doubt it!

I do not endorse all views from the following blog, but this collection of videos and images cannot be ignored. Not for the faint-hearted:


  1. Although I’m not a religious person, I really admire the moral stance you have taken on this blog and appreciate the link because I think that people with conscience cannot honestly see those images and videos and not feel that this is an atrocity happening in the world right now.

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